Преобразование электронных таблиц Excel в HTML с использованием библиотеки POI Apache

Я пытаюсь использовать класс ExcelToHtmlConverter для преобразования документа Word в HTML, но документация не ясна.

У кого-нибудь есть пример программы о том, как загрузить документ Excel и преобразовать его в html.

Вы посмотрели на это: http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/poi/trunk/src/examples/src/org/apache/poi/ss/examples/html/ToHtml.java

/* ==================================================================== Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. ==================================================================== */ package org.apache.poi.ss.examples.html; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.Closeable; import java.io.FileInputStream; import java.io.FileWriter; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStream; import java.io.InputStreamReader; import java.io.PrintWriter; import java.util.Formatter; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.HashSet; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.Map; import java.util.Set; import org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.HSSFWorkbook; import org.apache.poi.openxml4j.exceptions.InvalidFormatException; import org.apache.poi.ss.format.CellFormat; import org.apache.poi.ss.format.CellFormatResult; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.BorderStyle; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.Cell; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.CellStyle; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.CellType; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.Font; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.HorizontalAlignment; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.Row; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.Sheet; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.VerticalAlignment; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.Workbook; import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.WorkbookFactory; import org.apache.poi.util.IOUtils; import org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFWorkbook; /** * This example shows how to display a spreadsheet in HTML using the classes for * spreadsheet display. */ public class ToHtml { private final Workbook wb; private final Appendable output; private boolean completeHTML; private Formatter out; private boolean gotBounds; private int firstColumn; private int endColumn; private HtmlHelper helper; private static final String DEFAULTS_CLASS = "excelDefaults"; private static final String COL_HEAD_CLASS = "colHeader"; private static final String ROW_HEAD_CLASS = "rowHeader"; private static final Map<HorizontalAlignment, String> HALIGN = mapFor( HorizontalAlignment.LEFT, "left", HorizontalAlignment.CENTER, "center", HorizontalAlignment.RIGHT, "right", HorizontalAlignment.FILL, "left", HorizontalAlignment.JUSTIFY, "left", HorizontalAlignment.CENTER_SELECTION, "center"); private static final Map<VerticalAlignment, String> VALIGN = mapFor( VerticalAlignment.BOTTOM, "bottom", VerticalAlignment.CENTER, "middle", VerticalAlignment.TOP, "top"); private static final Map<BorderStyle, String> BORDER = mapFor( BorderStyle.DASH_DOT, "dashed 1pt", BorderStyle.DASH_DOT_DOT, "dashed 1pt", BorderStyle.DASHED, "dashed 1pt", BorderStyle.DOTTED, "dotted 1pt", BorderStyle.DOUBLE, "double 3pt", BorderStyle.HAIR, "solid 1px", BorderStyle.MEDIUM, "solid 2pt", BorderStyle.MEDIUM_DASH_DOT, "dashed 2pt", BorderStyle.MEDIUM_DASH_DOT_DOT, "dashed 2pt", BorderStyle.MEDIUM_DASHED, "dashed 2pt", BorderStyle.NONE, "none", BorderStyle.SLANTED_DASH_DOT, "dashed 2pt", BorderStyle.THICK, "solid 3pt", BorderStyle.THIN, "dashed 1pt"); @SuppressWarnings({"unchecked"}) private static <K, V> Map<K, V> mapFor(Object... mapping) { Map<K, V> map = new HashMap<K, V>(); for (int i = 0; i < mapping.length; i += 2) { map.put((K) mapping[i], (V) mapping[i + 1]); } return map; } /** * Creates a new converter to HTML for the given workbook. * * @param wb The workbook. * @param output Where the HTML output will be written. * * @return An object for converting the workbook to HTML. */ public static ToHtml create(Workbook wb, Appendable output) { return new ToHtml(wb, output); } /** * Creates a new converter to HTML for the given workbook. If the path ends * with "<tt>.xlsx</tt>" an {@link XSSFWorkbook} will be used; otherwise * this will use an {@link HSSFWorkbook}. * * @param path The file that has the workbook. * @param output Where the HTML output will be written. * * @return An object for converting the workbook to HTML. */ public static ToHtml create(String path, Appendable output) throws IOException { return create(new FileInputStream(path), output); } /** * Creates a new converter to HTML for the given workbook. This attempts to * detect whether the input is XML (so it should create an {@link * XSSFWorkbook} or not (so it should create an {@link HSSFWorkbook}). * * @param in The input stream that has the workbook. * @param output Where the HTML output will be written. * * @return An object for converting the workbook to HTML. */ public static ToHtml create(InputStream in, Appendable output) throws IOException { try { Workbook wb = WorkbookFactory.create(in); return create(wb, output); } catch (InvalidFormatException e){ throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot create workbook from stream", e); } } private ToHtml(Workbook wb, Appendable output) { if (wb == null) { throw new NullPointerException("wb"); } if (output == null) { throw new NullPointerException("output"); } this.wb = wb; this.output = output; setupColorMap(); } private void setupColorMap() { if (wb instanceof HSSFWorkbook) { helper = new HSSFHtmlHelper((HSSFWorkbook) wb); } else if (wb instanceof XSSFWorkbook) { helper = new XSSFHtmlHelper(); } else { throw new IllegalArgumentException( "unknown workbook type: " + wb.getClass().getSimpleName()); } } /** * Run this class as a program * * @param args The command line arguments. * * @throws Exception Exception we don't recover from. */ public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { if(args.length < 2){ System.err.println("usage: ToHtml inputWorkbook outputHtmlFile"); return; } ToHtml toHtml = create(args[0], new PrintWriter(new FileWriter(args[1]))); toHtml.setCompleteHTML(true); toHtml.printPage(); } public void setCompleteHTML(boolean completeHTML) { this.completeHTML = completeHTML; } public void printPage() throws IOException { try { ensureOut(); if (completeHTML) { out.format( "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"iso-8859-1\" ?>%n"); out.format("<html>%n"); out.format("<head>%n"); out.format("</head>%n"); out.format("<body>%n"); } print(); if (completeHTML) { out.format("</body>%n"); out.format("</html>%n"); } } finally { IOUtils.closeQuietly(out); if (output instanceof Closeable) { IOUtils.closeQuietly((Closeable) output); } } } public void print() { printInlineStyle(); printSheets(); } private void printInlineStyle() { //out.format("<link href=\"excelStyle.css\" rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\">%n"); out.format("<style type=\"text/css\">%n"); printStyles(); out.format("</style>%n"); } private void ensureOut() { if (out == null) { out = new Formatter(output); } } public void printStyles() { ensureOut(); // First, copy the base css BufferedReader in = null; try { in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader( getClass().getResourceAsStream("excelStyle.css"))); String line; while ((line = in.readLine()) != null) { out.format("%s%n", line); } } catch (IOException e) { throw new IllegalStateException("Reading standard css", e); } finally { IOUtils.closeQuietly(in); } // now add css for each used style Set<CellStyle> seen = new HashSet<CellStyle>(); for (int i = 0; i < wb.getNumberOfSheets(); i++) { Sheet sheet = wb.getSheetAt(i); Iterator<Row> rows = sheet.rowIterator(); while (rows.hasNext()) { Row row = rows.next(); for (Cell cell : row) { CellStyle style = cell.getCellStyle(); if (!seen.contains(style)) { printStyle(style); seen.add(style); } } } } } private void printStyle(CellStyle style) { out.format(".%s .%s {%n", DEFAULTS_CLASS, styleName(style)); styleContents(style); out.format("}%n"); } private void styleContents(CellStyle style) { styleOut("text-align", style.getAlignmentEnum(), HALIGN); styleOut("vertical-align", style.getVerticalAlignmentEnum(), VALIGN); fontStyle(style); borderStyles(style); helper.colorStyles(style, out); } private void borderStyles(CellStyle style) { styleOut("border-left", style.getBorderLeftEnum(), BORDER); styleOut("border-right", style.getBorderRightEnum(), BORDER); styleOut("border-top", style.getBorderTopEnum(), BORDER); styleOut("border-bottom", style.getBorderBottomEnum(), BORDER); } private void fontStyle(CellStyle style) { Font font = wb.getFontAt(style.getFontIndex()); if (font.getBold()) { out.format(" font-weight: bold;%n"); } if (font.getItalic()) { out.format(" font-style: italic;%n"); } int fontheight = font.getFontHeightInPoints(); if (fontheight == 9) { //fix for stupid ol Windows fontheight = 10; } out.format(" font-size: %dpt;%n", fontheight); // Font color is handled with the other colors } private String styleName(CellStyle style) { if (style == null) { style = wb.getCellStyleAt((short) 0); } StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); Formatter fmt = new Formatter(sb); try { fmt.format("style_%02x", style.getIndex()); return fmt.toString(); } finally { fmt.close(); } } private <K> void styleOut(String attr, K key, Map<K, String> mapping) { String value = mapping.get(key); if (value != null) { out.format(" %s: %s;%n", attr, value); } } private static CellType ultimateCellType(Cell c) { CellType type = c.getCellTypeEnum(); if (type == CellType.FORMULA) { type = c.getCachedFormulaResultTypeEnum(); } return type; } private void printSheets() { ensureOut(); Sheet sheet = wb.getSheetAt(0); printSheet(sheet); } public void printSheet(Sheet sheet) { ensureOut(); out.format("<table class=%s>%n", DEFAULTS_CLASS); printCols(sheet); printSheetContent(sheet); out.format("</table>%n"); } private void printCols(Sheet sheet) { out.format("<col/>%n"); ensureColumnBounds(sheet); for (int i = firstColumn; i < endColumn; i++) { out.format("<col/>%n"); } } private void ensureColumnBounds(Sheet sheet) { if (gotBounds) { return; } Iterator<Row> iter = sheet.rowIterator(); firstColumn = (iter.hasNext() ? Integer.MAX_VALUE : 0); endColumn = 0; while (iter.hasNext()) { Row row = iter.next(); short firstCell = row.getFirstCellNum(); if (firstCell >= 0) { firstColumn = Math.min(firstColumn, firstCell); endColumn = Math.max(endColumn, row.getLastCellNum()); } } gotBounds = true; } private void printColumnHeads() { out.format("<thead>%n"); out.format(" <tr class=%s>%n", COL_HEAD_CLASS); out.format(" <th class=%s>&#x25CA;</th>%n", COL_HEAD_CLASS); //noinspection UnusedDeclaration StringBuilder colName = new StringBuilder(); for (int i = firstColumn; i < endColumn; i++) { colName.setLength(0); int cnum = i; do { colName.insert(0, (char) ('A' + cnum % 26)); cnum /= 26; } while (cnum > 0); out.format(" <th class=%s>%s</th>%n", COL_HEAD_CLASS, colName); } out.format(" </tr>%n"); out.format("</thead>%n"); } private void printSheetContent(Sheet sheet) { printColumnHeads(); out.format("<tbody>%n"); Iterator<Row> rows = sheet.rowIterator(); while (rows.hasNext()) { Row row = rows.next(); out.format(" <tr>%n"); out.format(" <td class=%s>%d</td>%n", ROW_HEAD_CLASS, row.getRowNum() + 1); for (int i = firstColumn; i < endColumn; i++) { String content = "&nbsp;"; String attrs = ""; CellStyle style = null; if (i >= row.getFirstCellNum() && i < row.getLastCellNum()) { Cell cell = row.getCell(i); if (cell != null) { style = cell.getCellStyle(); attrs = tagStyle(cell, style); //Set the value that is rendered for the cell //also applies the format CellFormat cf = CellFormat.getInstance( style.getDataFormatString()); CellFormatResult result = cf.apply(cell); content = result.text; if (content.equals("")) { content = "&nbsp;"; } } } out.format(" <td class=%s %s>%s</td>%n", styleName(style), attrs, content); } out.format(" </tr>%n"); } out.format("</tbody>%n"); } private String tagStyle(Cell cell, CellStyle style) { if (style.getAlignmentEnum() == HorizontalAlignment.GENERAL) { switch (ultimateCellType(cell)) { case STRING: return "style=\"text-align: left;\""; case BOOLEAN: case ERROR: return "style=\"text-align: center;\""; case NUMERIC: default: // "right" is the default break; } } return ""; } } 

Проверьте http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/poi/trunk/src/examples/src/org/apache/poi/ss/examples/html/

Вам нужно включить классы и таблицу стилей в свой проект. Вы можете реорганизовать и изменить имена пакетов в имена пакетов проектов.

Также вы можете изменить стили в файле CSS «excelStyle.css», чтобы изменить цвета выходных HTML.

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